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Personalized video will help you increase your lead engagement

Increase lead engagement by 54%

Secure lead engagement from the start with a highly targeted Personalized Video for every lead

What is Sezion?

Sezion helps you increase your lead engagement by automatically creating a personalized video for every lead during the sales cycle.

Personalized videos are unique videos tailored for and from specific audiences, content or occasions. They are created on the cloud in real-time based on your lead’s data.

Personalized videos are about lead engagement

Personalized Videos can help you increase your lead engagement by 54% thanks to highly targeted video messages that give your communications the personal touch that improves your conversions.

Use your lead’s data intelligently – Get personal

Human relationships are the heart of modern marketing. From “name” to “location”, increase lead engagement with highly targeted personalized videos automatically created with the data you already get from your leads.

Use your own Marketing Automation Software

Sezion’s personalized video solution can be used with any platform to increase lead engagement during the sales cycle. Use Unbounce, Mailchimp, Salesforce or your favorite software.

Integrate the videos within your marketing messages

Create personalized marketing messages. Add the automatically created personalized videos to your email marketing campaigns. Build strong prospect relationships to increase lead engagement.

Increasing lead engagement with personalized videos is crucial

Increasing lead engagement is crucial

Qualified leads are 32 times more successful when contacted 1 hour after interest event

When generating B2B leads, sales follow up is a extremely important task. Every touch point counts and the first impression is as important as closing a deal. Today’s marketing automation software will help you scale the process with consistent email marketing campaigns during the sales cycle. Sezion can easily work with almost any platform without requiring any integration.

Marketing leaders are shifting budgets towards new content and interaction methods building strong prospect relationships from the start. By creating targeted messages and including personalized videos in those messages according to the lead source, you’ll be able to engage more with your leads, getting more email responses and more educated demos. This translates into accelerating the buying cycle and more closed deals.

78% of your leads believe that personalization provides added relevance

A recent study by Yahoo finds that 78% of consumers want a more relevant, personalized content. To be able to succeed in the market, your company needs to measure how effective and engaging a message is.

Adding personalized videos to your marketing messages will help your company increase the engagement with every lead at scale.

First impressions are often the only impressions

Showing your service or product value proposition will define the potential of your lead engagement. Your leads will always have two questions in mind: “What’s in it for me?” and “Why buy from you?”.

Defining a clear value proposition will help your lead differentiate your offer from your competitor’s. Sezion’s Personalized videos allow you to increase your lead engagement with targeted messages according to your business goals, allowing you to increase lead conversions.

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“The videos have been well received by our students. We got more positive feedback from them than expected.”

— Pia Flores, VP Online Marketing at Educatius International

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