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What is a personalized video?

What is a personalized video?

Learn how a Personalized Video can help your company improve its lead engagement, conversation rates and SEO

Personalized Videos

Personalized videos are unique videos tailored for and from specific audiences, content or occasions. Personalized videos are automatically created on the cloud in real-time based on your lead’s data or on any type of content (text, images, audios and videos).

How a personalized video works

Personalized Videos can help you increase your lead engagement by 54% thanks to highly targeted video messages that give your communications the personal touch that improves your conversions.

Personalized videos are created from video templates

Regardless of the amount of videos needed, every personalized video is created from a template. Every template defines what objects will be displayed on every video: images, text, audios and videos. Every object can be a Dynamic Media (inputs coming from a data source) or a Template Media (the objects that are the same on every generated video, for example a soundtrack).

Personalized videos are powered by data bases

Video Templates serve as a base for the new personalized videos which are created from an external data source depending on the requirements and business goals. A data source can be your CRM, CMS or even a spreadsheet that has the text, images, videos or audios empowering a highly-engaging personalized video.

Real-time automated personalized video creation

Personalized videos are automatically created with your own triggers. A trigger can be anything that makes sense according to your own automation workflow. For example, you automatically create a personalized video every time a new lead fills out a webform or every time you add new information into a spreadsheet.

Personalized Video Process - Infographic
Personalized videos can help you increase your lead conversion rates

Personalized video examples for every business case

A personalized video to engage with every lead

Engaging with every lead can be really hard and not doing it means losing business opportunities. That’s why increasing lead engagement is crucial. By creating targeted messages and including personalized videos in those messages according to the lead source, you’ll be able to engage more with your leads and close more sales.

Promote your webinar with a personalized video for every attendee

Personalized videos are a great tool to connect with your webinar attendees and increase lead conversion rates. How many leads did you get from your last webinar? How many of them participated? You can automatically create a personalized video for every webinar registrant to help them better understand what the webinar is about and increase the number of registrant that, actually, participate. Video is the type of content we remember the most and that gets us more excited about something. Personalize it to connect with your attendees and build a better engagement that sells.

Personalized video advertising or how to scale your video ads

Accelerate customer engagement with data personalization within your video ads, communicate with each consumer with personalized videos. Personalized video advertising will help you encourage retention and satisfaction.

Increasing CTR with a personalized video for every prospect

Personalized video has been shown to increase CTR by almost 1000% and email engagement levels by 10x. Companies like AT&T, Explorius and Infusion-4 are seeing a 300% increase in their conversions.

Content marketing with personalized videos

Improve your SEO and content marketing strategy by automatically creating personalized videos from the content you publish. From WordPress to Pinterest, drive more traffic to your digital properties and to your YouTube channel with eye catching.

Personalized videos for product videos

Automatically make a video for every product in your catalog. Increase your sales, traffic and SEO with video even within YouTube.

Automated media production with personalized video

Manually creating hundreds or thousands of videos can be a crazy job when they have more or less the same structure. You can easily automate the video production with personalized videos created with data coming from a spreadsheet or any other source. Remember, every personalized video is automatically created from a template tha can create 1 or millions of videos in a cost effective way.

personalized video creation

How to create a personalized video from a data source

Sezion’s personalized video solutions are already integrated with almost any data source

One personalized video or millions of them can automatically be created from any data source, on the fly, on the cloud, real-time or on-demand. Sezion has you covered with more than 350 integrations with your favorites marketing automation softwares, CRMs, CMSs, social media plataforms and even a simple spreadsheet. From Salesforce to Mailchimp and Pinterest, automatically create personalized videos that engage, convert and sell more. If you need more integrations, you can always use Sezion’s Personalized Video API and SDKs.

Use Google Sheets to automatically create personalized videosPersonalized video from a spreadsheet

Automatically create a personalized video using a spreadsheet. It doesn’t matter if you are an ecommerce with product information or a marketer with prospects and leads, every row counts. Every time there is a new spreadsheet row Sezion will automatically create a personalized video to help you sell more and faster.

Automatically create a personalized video for your Hubspot CRM leadsPersonalized video from a Hubspot CRM new lead

Engaging with your leads gets into a new level with personalized videos. Every time there is a new lead into your Hubspot CRM account, Sezion will create a personalized video automatically. It’s time to be in their top of mind.

ActiveCampaign will help you send highly target personalized videos created by SezionPersonalized video from an ActiveCampaign deal

Marketing automation is the way to go when sending email marketing campaigns with a sales purpose. Every time there is a new deal stage using ActiveCampaign, Sezion will create a highly targeted personalized video, automatically, to help you close more deals.

personalized videos from mailchimp contactsPersonalized video for a new Mailchimp blog subscriber

Getting new blog subscribers is challenging, but keeping them engaged to your valuable content could be even more challenging. You can automatically make a personalized video every time someone subscribes to your blog and get into a Mailchimp list. It’s a unique opportunity to make every subscriber feel special and communicate the uniqueness of your content.

Use Agile CRM to create personalized videos with Sezion Personalized video loves the power of Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a really powerful tool that gets even better when your prospects, leads and clients can better understand a message with video personalization. Now you can automatically make a personalized video for every person to share your value proposition in the right time with the right type of content.

Create videos from Pinterest imagesContent Marketing, Social Media and personalized video are best friends

You see, video is the type of content we engaged the most. From Facebook, to Instagram, Twitter or even Pinterest, you can automatically create personalized videos from the content you already publish to amplify your brand’s message and connect with your audiences in the way the expect.

How to create a personalized video template

How does a personalized video template work?

Video templates 100% customizable

All videos created with Sezion are generated from templates that are 100% customizable. A template can generate thousands of videos in the cloud in real time injecting data from any data source.

Why video templates?

Templates define and combine the events and objects in a video: pictures, texts, audios and videos with the desired effects at specific moments. All templates can have static and dynamic elements (inputs coming from external sources like a spreadsheet data or a lead info from Salesforce).

There are three ways to get a template

Custom Video Templates by Sezion: Templates created by the Sezion creative team for you, according to your business, marketing and communication goals.

Custom Video Templates by Client: You can also create your own template using our Script Documentation. You’ll always receive support from our team.

Free Video Templates by Sezion: You can also install or ask our team to install a free Sezion Video Template for you.

What is a static and dynamic media?

Static o template media are those elements that are the same within every video created with a template. For example, your company logo.

Dynamic media are those elements that make every video personalized. For example, images or texts coming from a spreadsheet or from a data base.

Personalized video for media production

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